Alpha R1Edit

Alpha R1 has been released as promised!!!

Making an account:

You make an account in the client. This tutorial will help you.

The game might not be what you all expect, though. Most people need to understand that Alpha R1 is just to test out Eternity for the first time.

There won't be a battle system in the Alpha and from what I understand, there will only be very basic items.

Alpha Download Link:

Alpha has been delayed for days, but it came out!. Right now, all we need to do is to upload the client. For more info, visit the Dev Forums here at Questing in Alpha

Not too much has been said about the questing in alpha, but we've been told not to expect much, the quests won't be too amazing -

Damaris claims that " they are very basic quests. They're just to test how well some of the systems operate and give the players something to do."

But don't get discouraged... when I asked him about how quest will develop in later versions he answered; "The alpha is an alpha... It's not designed for content.

Real content starts getting developed when we reach the Beta stage and are sure the basic systems are fully functional." ...

"We really don't want to give out too many details, because everything is subject to change." But he promises that the quests will be epic!